Savvy Selection Releases Laundry Hamper Aimed at Saving Time, Money, Energy

Savvy Selection, LLC, located in San Jose, CA, has launched a new laundry hamper that is built to fill the niche between great quality and affordability. Features include a detachable bag for delicate items, magnetic lid, polypropylene structure, removable liner, collapsible, lightweight, and attractive.

San Jose, United States - February 20, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ —

Savvy Selection, LLC (“Savvy Selection”), creators of fundamental products for the home, has launched a new laundry hamper with the intention of improving efficiency for families that want to make the most of their time and resources. With innovations such as a conveniently attachable machine washable mesh bag just for washing delicate garments, a lightweight structure, and removable liner, families can reduce the amount of time and hassle they spend on laundry every week.

Savvy Selection co-Founders, Joanne and Gary Merrick, were looking for a new hamper for themselves, but found that many on the market lacked the attractiveness and functionality they were looking for. “A bag for delicate items was missing, available laundry baskets didn’t look very nice and products lacked sufficient quality” said Joanne Merrick. “Women who’ve had their personal items damaged, tangled and twisted with other items in the wash understand the need for a handy delicates bag.”

More likely to be used when it’s readily available, a delicate items bag protects bras, nylons and lace underwear when placed in the laundry with other clothes. There’s nothing more handy than having a delicates bag directly attached to the hamper, and making it easily removable.

The benefits extend beyond just preserving one’s undergarments. “When asked, a number of people found it frustrating that they often had to do a separate load of laundry just for these items. It seems like a waste” said Gary Merrick. Given that many families do at least three separate loads of washing per week, a light, a dark, and a delicates load, this product now enables less loads, as the delicate items bag can be thrown in with other loads. This provides a potential for 33% saving in customer’s time spent doing the washing, as well as water and energy savings. As people spend an average of 73 minutes every week just doing the laundry*, small savings like this can provide a significant impact over time.

“We were not happy with the available options on the market. An overflowing basket of dirty clothes is an eyesore” Gary said. “We found nearly all hampers with lids to be made of cardboard, presumably to lower production costs. We couldn’t see those products lasting very long.” The company decided there had to be a market for higher quality hampers that also looked great in the home, as well as a hamper for people who don’t want to follow the herd, and want to buy something a little different.
Tired of wishing for a better product, Joanne and Gary decided to create their own. Savvy Selection is about creating innovative products for fundamental household items.

Used daily by every family member, clothes hampers and laundry baskets are a fundamental item for the home. Savvy Selection’s unique product is built to fill the niche of providing great quality, yet remaining affordable, and provides useful features including:

• A magnetic lid (no velcro to snag knit fabrics)
• Internal structure that resists the effects of moisture, and increase durability (corrugated polypropylene structure instead of cardboard)
• Collapsible down to only 1.18 inches for storage
• Lightweight (3.2 pounds)
• Unique color and fabric, which looks great in almost any setting
• Soft rope handles
• Removable liner to transport washing
• Detachable bag for delicate items

“Savvy Selection has some fabulous ideas for existing as well as new products, and believe this market is ripe for innovation” said co-Founder Joanne Merrick. “There have been unexpected benefits as well. Some customers have discovered the usefulness of a delicate items bag to keep their baby socks together in the wash. An unintentional but delightful outcome”.

Since launching their new laundry basket on Amazon, Savvy Selection has been overwhelmed with support from customers. “It’s all about addressing customer’s needs... even if they don’t realize they have a need in the first place” joked co-founder Gary Merrick.

A home grown California-based company, Savvy Selection is dedicated to creating savvy fundamental household products for busy families, saving their time, money, and making their lives just a little bit easier. They welcome your ideas for future products.

*Source : Bureau of Labor Statistics

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