New Taipei City Pastry Competition 2020 Offering US$20,000 in Prizes

The New Taipei City Pastry Competition 2020 is slated to be grandly held by the Vocational Training Center, Labor Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government at Sanchong Arenas & Stadiums on March 21. 

(M) Mr. Chen, Jui-Chia (Commissioner, Labor Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government)
(R) Ms. Pei, Chih-Wei (The bakery world champion)

The first interschool warm-up exchange match has ended with great applause, and the second match is slated to be held at the Affiliated Taichung Senior Agricultural Vocational High School of National Chung Hsing University on March 7.

(L) Mr. Kuo, Ching-Chi (Director, Vocational Training Center, Labor Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government)

 There will be two competitions for the match, namely, cream cake decorations and jelly art. To cope with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the organizer has fully prepared all kinds of preventive measures, such as screening temperatures using thermometer guns, as well as offering surgical masks and alcohol hand disinfectants. It’s goal is to ensure a safe and comfortable match.

The two interschool exchange matches are a warm-up for the New Taipei City Pastry Competition 2020, which will be held on March 21. From the first exchange match, all participants not only obtained plenty of valuable guidance from their judging teachers, which will certainly impact on the participants positively, but they have also greatly benefited from gaining practical experiences shared with each other from different schools.

The New Taipei City Pastry Competition 2020 will arrange a variety of competitive items, such as fondant cakes, butter cake decorations, plated desserts, jelly art, sugar art, almond paste art of which plated desserts, jelly art, and almond paste art are the newly included items. 

There are three categories contestants can sign up for in this competition—the high school category, which includes the vocational schools; the college category, and the society category. 

The total prize is US$20,000. The registration deadline is March 9 (Monday). Interested participants shall not miss this opportunity.

On the competition day, in addition to the excitement arising from the competitive events, there will be many more thrilling occasions as well, such as elegant dessert art pieces for appreciation and photographing, remarkable performances given by bakery masters, free DIY cake popsicles, jelly art teachings, and chances of winning a sparkling water maker by a Facebook check-in. You just need to take a snapshot that you think is the most eye-catching, and upload it to the fan club of the New Taipei City Labor Affairs Department. You will have a chance of winning a prize to take back with you.
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