IT Support Service Tailored For Education Launched to Schools in the UK

If you're a student, teacher or even IT worker at a school you believe could benefit from a modern-day networking revamp, then don't look further

Farnham, United Kingdom - February 21, 2020 /PressCable/ —

There is one key-requirement that needs to be taken into account when it comes to setting up ICT support in the education sector, and that is the avoidance of server downtime. Within any major industry that relies heavily on the use of technology you can be sure that downtime is absolutely despised, by teacher and student!

If you’re a student, teacher or even IT worker at a school you believe could benefit from a modern-day networking revamp, then don’t look further, you can find more information about this companies service here:

In the education sector, downtime is a lot like an online web-store going offline – unable to process anymore. If a schools IT system goes offline for whatever reason, even if it’s just for 10 minutes it can cause massive disruptions throughout your school. Once upon a time, this wouldn’t have been much of an issue as everything was stored in filing cabinets, school books and more – but in a world where students are now heavily reliant on office packages and strong internet connections, this downtime could cause the school to come to a standstill, completely unable to access work or even study/course materials.

This is the number one reason why ICT support for schools is a very important thing to consider appropriately. Having access to a reliable source of support is an effective way to prevent any possible downtime, or at least mitigate the potential risks of it happening in the first place through selective software use and staff scrutiny. It is vital that all of your systems are up-to-date an have the most appropriate software available for your configuration.

In comes TNSC Ltd (The Network Support Company Limited). They have went leaps and bounds ahead of their own services time and time again, with many high-profile case studies under their belt. TNSC’s mission is to provide all schools with reliable IT support. Speaking to Greg, the founder and managing director of TNSC, he explained: “We offer wide-reaching ICT services for schools rather than catering to only one specific area of the educations sector. This is because we believe every school should have access to support they can depend on, regardless of their status, size or budget.”

TNSC’s skills clearly show, too. Amazingly, they managed to negotiate a whopping reduction of 40% in one case studies internet connection charges, whilst also migrating their application to sharepoint, once again removing the need for another expensive external contract.

From sourcing and installing the correct software, to maintaining your internet connectivity and security, TNSC provide 24/7 support and ICT equipment for schools. Everything you need to complete ICT infrastructure management.

Alternatively you can view their website by clicking here:

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Name: Vicki Watson
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Organization: TNSC Ltd
Address: Unit 7, Abbey Business Park, Monk's Walk,, Farnham, Surrey GU9 8HT, United Kingdom

Source: PressCable

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