Inna Organic Receives Global Recognition as Premium Clean Beauty Brand

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Feb. 20, 2020 - PRLog -- Inna Organic Receives Global Recognition as Premium Clean Beauty Brand

Global Organic Beauty Market On Track To Grow 10% Annually

The global organic beauty market will experience an annual growth rate of 8-10%, projecting a market scale upwards of USD 25 billion by 2025, according to the Grand View Research global database. The American market is projected to remain the largest, followed by Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Inna Organic, Asia's leading skincare brand, capitalized on this growth trend by making inroads into the ASEAN, European and American markets in 2019. As one of a handful of dual-certified organic skincare brands in the region, Inna Organic is uniquely positioned to lead development in the organic sheet mask market.

The certified organic & clean beauty brand's co-founders Jimmy Wang and Cecily Pan are committed to creating safe, sustainable, organic skincare that works for everyone, including those with sensitive skin.

Inna Organic's Innovative Sheet Mask Expands into Global Market with High Standard
Dual Certification from The United States and European Union

Inna Organic is the leading brand that is both EWG-verified and COSMOS certified-organic. As one of the only makers of dual-certified organic sheet masks, Inna Organic has earned a loyal following in Asia and the US. The brand has presented its skincare range at major European and American Organic Beauty Expos and received enthusiastic interest from buyers in these markets.

The premium clean beauty brand began selling through Amazon since 2019 to further its goal of offering certified-organic skincare that works for everyone. In fact, Inna Organic's export revenue doubled this past year. Co-founder Cecily Pan explains, "I believe Inna Organic will continue to shine as an Asian clean beauty brand and attract more attention from the rest of the skincare world."

Inna Organic Becomes the First Skincare Brand in Asia to Join Pledge 1%

The philosophy "Glow from Within: Clean Beauty, Clean Conscious" drives Inna Organic to Pledge 1%. This is a global movement spearheaded by Salesforce, Atlassian, Rally and Tides that encourages giving back to the community. "We are committed to donating 1% of our revenues each year to support childhood education in rural and disadvantaged areas," says Co-founder Cecily Pan. Inna Organic aspires to be the drop that starts the ripple, raising awareness of the importance of childhood education. "We believe small streams of individual kindness can eventually converge into a great, powerful river. This is the true power of 1%," she explains. "When we start caring for our skin, ourselves, our children and the environment, we begin to realize our capacity to care for others is infinite."

About Inna Organic

Inna Organic's mission is to create certified-organic skincare solutions that work for everyone, including those with the most sensitive skin. From their sought-after organic sheet masks to natural moisturizers, shampoos and more, the Asian skincare brand infuses luxury into the concept of clean beauty. Made from premium botanical extracts and pure essential oils, each product is designed to create an indulgent "spa-at-home" experience that nourishes mind, body and soul. In line with the philosophy, "Glow from Within: Clean Beauty, Clean Conscious", Inna Organic gives back 1% of their profits to support education in disadvantaged communities.

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