I Like to Dabble Initiates a Survey on ‘Should You Share Your Salary’

I Like to Dabble is a side hustle, career & money-focused website that has started a poll on should you share your salary or not. The poll resulted in a 33% ‘Yes’ & 67% ‘No’ indicating a slew of emotions from employees when discussing money.

St. Louis, United States - February 21, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ —

Daniella of I Like to Dabble has recently initiated a poll on twitter about whether or not employees should share their salary with co-workers on 17th February 2020. As poll results, out of 218 votes, around 67% clicked for ‘No, they haven’t shared’ and rest 33% clicked in favour that they have shared.

Following the poll, voters shared their reasoning for their vote along with their stance on the question. There was a mixed response as some felt strongly that people should share their salary to promote a transparent work culture (and work together to close pay gaps). Others felt just as strong to not share it but this was more common among the managerial employee voters.

The blog presented by Daniella further discusses the fear of employees in discussing salary and talking about money. That is a tough conversation that could bring up feelings of anxiety and could cause a sour work culture if taken the wrong way. She also explores the idea that some people accidentally tie money to their self-worth which makes these discussions especially difficult.

Then she proceeds to go into her real life experience of talking about salaries with coworkers towards the beginning of her career, when the work culture allowed for it vs. now at her current job where the culture and situation is very different.

Daniella cited, “Back when I started my career and was at my second job, I discussed salary with a co-worker who happened to be my roommate. We found out that our pay scale was equal though it was low. While discussing salary, another male member having the same qualification and experience mentioned that he was getting paid $10,000 extra, whereas, another co-worker was paid $5,000 less than me.”

The above example shows the inequalities in the pay scale of employees working under the same process with equal qualification. This bounds one to discuss salary negotiation while joining an organisation. Does one simply get paid more because they negotiated better or did they get a lower pay because of another reason?

In the blog discussing the Twitter Poll, Daniella says “The company I currently work for publishes its salary ranges and structure across levels on the company's internal portal which my own salary matched. It also matches the range on Glassdoor.”

This is her second example showing why she isn’t now sharing her salary now. That need has already been filled by the company publishing it across levels. She could challenge it, but currently isn’t in her interest. She would share it to anyone who asks though if it were to help them increase their own pay.

The survey results indicate that even though a large amount of people haven’t shared their salaries, some of those numbers would like to but can’t or won’t due to a number of reasons. Money conversations can be tough but easier if we make it a little less informal and helpful for everyone involved.

Nevertheless, discussing salary can help induce a transparent work culture in the organisation and help employees in learning what to expect while switching companies or asking for a promotion. It also helps in closing the inequality gap within an organisation. I Like to Dabble utilises the poll results to discuss the complex aspect of should you share your salary or not and help one make informed negotiations in terms of raise.

About the company:
I Like to Dabble is a side hustle, career and money focused website. The blog was started in the year 2017 by Daniella, who is a software engineer in her day job.

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