Daughter of the Sea: The Voyage to Freedom and Womanhood

California City, Feb 20, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - A book that is everything you would expect it to be. A delightful and mesmerizing account from the world's Heaven and Earth's most beloved and talented actress, Hiep Thi Le. A storybook written from her own perspective of growing up in Vietnam crafted to touch and make a difference throughout the people's lives.

This unpublished memoir entitled, Daughter of the Sea: The Voyage to Freedom and Womanhood is painstakingly written by the unforgettable actress of all time, Hiep Thi Le. This book is very special and most meaningful especially to young readers who are struggling to find their own identities.

A fascinating glimpse of an 8-year-old girl that ran away with her sister from a post-war communist in Vietnam in search of a father and brother that was rumored to have escaped to the West. By merely using their wits to survive, these displaced children of the sea create their own primitive society amid the dispirited and desperate adults awaiting sponsors in the U.S.

An epic extraordinary journey from East to West, from childhood, lost to premature adulthood and the rebirth of a most remarkable young woman the world has ever known! A book certainly designed to fill the gap of confronting the promise of living the American dream along with the perils of modern America.

Hiep Thi Le Le received critical praise and became a pioneer of Asian-American actors in mainstream American films. Le pursued her passion for cooking and became a celebrated restaurateur and chef. She opened China Beach Bistro in Venice, CA, followed by the French-Vietnamese fusion restaurant Le Cellier in Marina del Rey. Above all, Hiep is foremost a proud mother of two.


Jill Powell was and is the representative and co-founder of Hiep Thi Le's wishes to publish her book Daughter of the Sea at www.DaughteroftheSea.net and she also Published Mr. Duck www.Mr-Duck.net that is in revision about a story her mother used to tell her and her siblings as a bedtime story. 

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