Best ISO Agent Program for Merchant Services Resellers Revealed by Electronic Merchant Systems

February 21, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Electronic Merchant Systems, based in Cleveland, Ohio, has revealed that what they are offering what can be considered as the best ISO Agent Program as it provides various benefits and unmatched support. This particular ISO agent program utilizes six sponsor banks to make sure that the deal is always done and includes surcharge programs, daily residuals, cryptocurrency processing, and 24/7 support. They explain that what makes their program stand out is because of customer support, training, transparency, products, and contracts.

Merrell Sheehan, a spokesperson for Electronic Merchant Systems, says, “We're proud of this ISO agent program that offers excellent benefits for agents looking to take complete control of their business. This Agent Reseller Program offers daily residuals, MyPortfolio, sundown policy (guaranteed to get a response by end-of-day), cryptocurrency processing, surcharge programs, and more. If this sounds appealing to you, go and check out our website for more information.”

They also provide customized training sessions. And they have a diverse product line, including online ordering services, loyalty and gift programs, POS systems, cryptocurrency processing, and merchant funding services. They also offer contracts with commission breakdowns, buy rates, and potential earnings that are designed to benefit merchants. And the transparency is made possible through their reporting tools that can be used by the customers to visualize essential data.

Those who take part in the EMS Agent Program will have the ability to offer real solutions that sell. These include Card Not Present Solutions, Card Present Solutions, and value-added features. There are several unparalleled advantages that can be enjoyed through the EMS ISO Agent Program. These include sponsored ISO registration, white-labeling agent portal, daily residuals, surcharge program, innovative POS solutions, and cryptocurrency processing.

One of the unique features is the MyPortfolio comprehensive sales portal. This is a powerful, user-friendly, and transparent portfolio management system. With this, clients would be able to easily manage the entire sales process, from merchant acquisition to providing customizable reports for sub-agents and partners. The features of the process for acquiring merchants include email completed PDF documents with just one click, online application by signing on tablet or through the use of DocuSign, and customizable pricing profiles. Clients can also monitor deals through real-time notification with regards to pending items.

MyPortfolio also has sub-agent management features and these include hierarchy in the agent’s portfolio reporting, customized sub-agent residual calculations, and sub-agent visibility to accounts and residuals. It also has residual reporting features such as management structure with branch and rep codes; top merchants by volume and residuals; portfolio summary; month to date portfolio statistics; and merchant volume and residual trending graph. Merchant tracking features are also provided, such as the ability to review batch and monthly processing statements; client service notifications; the ability to follow client service tickets; and the ability to open customer service tickets.

This ISO agent program also has a Sundown Policy to make sure that both the client and merchants will getting responses to their concerns on the same day. EMS also has six-sponsor banks to make sure that a deal will always be completed successfully.

This ISO agent program also features a daily residual program. This enables client to get funding quickly with transparency ensured through the residual reports. There is also the benefit of the sponsored ISO registration that can boost their brand by allowing them to add their company logo to merchant applications, statements, and more. And with the white-labeling agent portal, clients would be able to market EMS tools as their own. They are able white-label their agent portfolio and then take advantage of the look and feel of an advanced marketing team without additional expenses.

Meanwhile, with the cryptocurrency processing feature, clients can allow their merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a secure way of payment. EMS also has the proper POS solution, whether the merchant has a traditional storefront, a restaurant, or does its business in a mobile environment. And finally, the EMS Surcharge Program permits the merchants to pass along a percentage and/or a fixed amount on all credit card sales.

People who would like to know more about EMS' ISO Agent Program can visit their website or contact them through the telephone or via email.


For more information about Electronic Merchant Systems, contact the company here:

Electronic Merchant Systems
Merrell Sheehan
(800) 726-2117
250 W Huron Rd #400
Cleveland, OH 44113

ReleaseID: 60034363

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