Author Kinyatta E. Gray Assisting LBGT Community To Live In Their Truth With New Book

The innovative author assisting LBGT Community to own their true selves in "Passing As Straight"

New York City, Feb 20, 2020 ( - How many times have you felt invisible in a room full of people? How many masks have you worn to hide your true identity? How many heterosexual relationships did you engage in pretending to be in love? What was your biggest fear when finally letting your family and friends know, you are a beautiful feminine lesbian?

Passing As "Straight": Beautiful Women Whose True Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society, compiled by Author Kinyatta E. Gray, brings to life a book that takes a deep look into the individual, personal and complex stories of lesbians whose true sexuality went undetected to prevent labeling, judgment, or even death. Six courageous women will share real-life situations where they had to make the dreadful decision of hiding their sexual identity to find acceptance, respect, and love from those who truly matter.

This book is not meant to define who's right or wrong, but rather examine this very real issue and the choices that lesbian women must make about love! Our intention is to provide a heartfelt resource for women who wake up daily having to navigate through a society pretending and hiding who they really are. You are not alone! We all have been there! But, as you read through these pages, you will find the comfort and strength to know exactly how to live unapologetically and uniquely who you are. 

Kinyatta E. Gray international book "Passing As Straight" is on its way to being an international bestseller. The  famed celebrity travel correspondent  has already paved her way in the publishing industry as a vast break out star. As her book has reached best-seller status via Amazon. "Passing As Straight" is sold and distributed in the retail chains of Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon. Kinyatta's business endeavors have been celebrated by vast celebrities sending her their congratulatory memorandum on the success of her new book. The list of celebrities celebrating the release range from Khloe Kardashian, Bad Girls Club Natalie Nunn , Yandy Smith CEO of EGL Magazine & TV personality, director & producer Lena Waithe (took to social media to show her support for Kinyatta), TV personality Antoine Von Boozier, MaMa Kim from Vh1 Love & Hip-Hop NYC, Florina Kaja from Oxygen's "The Bad Girls Club" rapper Soo Vegaz, and celebrity wardrobe stylist Jasmine Hill-Carter. Rising in its fame Kinyatta's book is highlighted on a variety of media outlets such as Iheart radio and Pandora "The Madison Jaye Show" Fashion Gxd Magazine  MediumVine MagazineThe Bunnie HoleMogul, My Girl Gang, Time 2 Grind Radio, Definitely Amazing, Urban Magazine, Billionaire Magazine, and The LA Cocina Podcast. In addition, Kinyatta's famed memoir was a sponsor for Carol Maraj the mother of Hip hop icon  Nikki Minaj domestic violence gala. With the continued success of "Passing As Straight", Kinyatta E. Gray is set to be a positive example for the LGBT community. The innovative book sets the bar for the LGBT community on unearthing their true selves and being organically themselves.

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