Annapolis Company Points Out the Many Reasons People Have for Doing Spring Swimming Pool Removal

February 21, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - For over 25 years now Remove A Pool has been successfully removing backyard swimming pools all over the USA. That makes this proud member of the National Association of Pool Demolition Contractors (NAPDC) one of the most experienced companies in the nation at doing this form of work. Those at this expert pool demolition service emphasize that spring is the perfect time for pool removal because of the usually favorable weather and once the pool has been removed a yard can then be used for other spring and summer activities.

Company spokesperson, S. Gordon, also had this to say as to why spring is a popular time to do spring swimming pool removal, “We have heard it all when it comes to the reasons why people want to remove their swimming pools in the spring. For starters, spring is the perfect time for pool removal for those that want to reclaim their yard space and then plant grass, trees, and other plants and shrubs. Many also say they simply don’t use their pools anymore. Others tell us that after they have thought about it all winter, they have decided not to invest in the costly repairs that their swimming pool needs. We have even heard such things as homeowners that want to remove their pool in the spring because they are nervous about the liability issues that pools represent or they are selling their home and many people are not interested in buying a home that has a swimming pool. Some of the more unusual reasons we have heard for spring pool removal include some people that wanted more space for their pets to run and a new homeowner with a family member that has an overwhelming fear of water. It really does not matter to us what the reason is someone wants their pool removed this spring. We always know the right way to get that job done.”

The company spokesperson also said that they not only do spring outdoor aboveground and inground swimming pool removal, but they are also one of the few companies that are willing to take on the tedious job of indoor pool removal. They even have the expertise and equipment to take down the structure above and around the swimming pool if the customer requests it. He also stated that some customers that want an indoor pool removed want to save the surrounding structure. This is because they may want to turn that area into something like a large game room or indoor basketball court. He says this is no problem but they must let them open up at least one side of the pool enclosure. This will allow them to get the equipment in and out that they need to disassemble the pool coping, pool structure, and concrete walkways. Gordon says this will also allow them to haul the resulting debris away and more easily bring in the fill material to complete the job.

The company spokesperson also had this advice for people who are thinking about removing their own swimming pools in the spring, “Some people who want to remove their unused swimming pool themselves think that they can hire someone with a backhoe and grab a few buddies to get the job done. This is anything but the case. There are many reasons why people should let professional companies like us handle their pool demolition for them. It all starts with the demolition permits needed to do the job. These permits are not given out to just anyone. Only companies that are experienced and certified at doing pool removal work can usually obtain them. There are also other steps that trained pool removal professionals know how to get done like getting a pool site marked for underground hazards such as water lines, power lines, and gas lines. Perhaps the most important reason to let a professional remove a pool is they not only know how to do it the right way but they also know how to complete that task in the safest possible manner.

The spokesperson also wanted to tell people that their company does spring swimming pool removal in many areas of the country. This list includes Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, California, Arizona, and Nevada. For those that want to get their unused swimming pool removed as part of their spring cleanup tasks, Gordon says the company welcomes all phone calls enquiring about their services. He also mentioned that they promptly return all the emails that are sent to them and people are welcome to fill out the quick callback form on the ‘contact us’ section of their website too.


For more information about Remove A Pool, contact the company here:

Remove A Pool
S. Gordon
3 Church Circle
Suite 316
Annapolis, Maryland

ReleaseID: 60034243

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