Air Purifying Bag with Bamboo Charcoal Improves Home Air Quality

Source Essentials' recently launched air purifying bag is now helping homeowners maintain pollution-free air at home. These bags contain 100% activated bamboo charcoal to naturally eliminate odor and freshen the air.

Gilbert, AZ, United States - February 21, 2020 —

Source Essentials is pleased to report that more and more Amazon shoppers are now relying on its air purifying bag for maintaining their domestic air quality. Powered by the superior adsorption capabilities of activated charcoal, these bags are extremely efficient in removing odor and keeping the air clean and fresh. Each set of the product contains nine charcoal purifying bags in various sizes for different applications.

Activated charcoal (activated carbon) is charcoal that has been processed/treated to make it more porous than non-activated charcoal. The pores increase the surface area of the charcoal, allowing it to adsorb more moisture, microscopic particles and gasses (including odors) found in the air. This leads to a higher adsorption rate, which is what makes activated charcoal an effective odor-eater.

“Unlike other air fresheners and odor eliminators that are made with harmful substances, our activated charcoal bag is the safe, sustainable, natural, easy and convenient way to keep your home and car fresh, dry, and odor-free. Plus, you are protecting your family from mold, mildew, and other dangerous airborne pathogens that cause allergies and sickness,” said Mike York, the senior spokesperson for Source Essentials.

Each air purifier pack from Source Essentials contains two 500-gram bags for the kitchen, living room, closet, and bedrooms. There are three 200-gram bags per pack, ideally suited for car, refrigerator, gym bag, or pet area. Each pack also comes with four 50-gram packs, suitable as charcoal air purifying bag for shoes, trash cans, lunch bags, etc.

“I inherited a home in Florida — I am not owner-occupied, so it’s important that in my absence, the house remains free from excess moisture and resultant mildew odor. Activated charcoal is the ticket. This set is ideal — larger bags hung in clothes closets, medium packets under sinks and in linen closets, small packets in dresser drawers. Easily activated in sunlight (for an hour). I expect about two year’s use. Highly recommend,” an impressed user mentioned in his Amazon review.

To find out more about Source Essentials’ bamboo activated charcoal odor absorber bag, please visit the company’s Amazon storefront.


About Us: Source Essentials is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

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